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Satoru (Sato)

4 years


I have a very unique background. I was born in Hokkaido and was raised in a town with rich nature and huge vegetable fields which my grandparents owned. As a child, I would harvest fresh vegetables from the field and cook them with my mother and grandmother who were wonderful cooks. Especially, my grandmother never ever compromised in quality or technique when cooking and taught me everything she knew. Besides, my grandfather owned miso factory so that I believe I grew up with the best quality of miso. After high school, I went to San Francisco to study photography and art, however, I came back to Japan after 9.11. I was a photographer for a while, but had realized that I already lost my passion into photography, so I had reset my whole photography career then thought about what I could do for my life and living. After several years since coming back from San Francisco, all of my grandparents passed away around the same time. After that, I felt the spirits from them and decided to inherit their skills and soul to the travelers from all over the world. Now, I am a super passionate home cooking teacher. I believe that there are so many delicious homemade Japanese foods that cannot be found in the restaurants and delights in sharing these dishes with travelers. As of 2020, I have met the travelers from around 80 different countries and many of them have become the repeaters of my class!!!