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5 years


My love of culinary arts began at the age of 9 when I first baked a St. Patrick's Day cake for my school in Anchorage Alaska using a Betty Crocker Cake Mix. Since then, cooking and baking has been my passion. I've travelled to almost 40 countries and I love to meet people and learn their culture. Now I enjoy teaching Japanese food and culture to foreigners here in Tokyo.

What was your inspiration to get into cooking, food and teaching how to cook?

When I lived in England, I taught my neighbors how to make sushi and that is where I got the idea of starting my own cookery class when I returned to Japan.

What excites you the most about your work?

The happy faces from everyone who comes to my cooking class.

How do you select the menu for you classes?

I would usually pick a dish that is well known to foreigners and also can be made by ingredients which can be bought in their country. I also try to make the recipe as simple as possible.

What do you love the most about cooking?

The fact that I know what goes in each dish. I try to make my dishes as healthy as possible using only the ingredients I know that are good for our body. No additives, no artificial flavoring, no chemicals. And of course I enjoy watching my family and friends loving the food I cook.