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Amy Chan

2 years


Amy has over eight years academic and practical experience in the field of psychology and education. She loves art, nature and culture, and expert in promoting holistic wellness through expressive arts and experiential learning. After accomplished her professional training as a Counseling Psychologist in Hong Kong, Amy has followed masters from all over the world (including Japan, USA, Australia, HongKong) to advanced her profession, including Japanese homemade style cooking. Her Sensei praised her as "an amazing, creative and smart lady" and "usually come up with fabulous ideas of designing and teaching the food art class." She had been invited as guest speaker/ teacher for Conscious Festival HK 2018 by Green is the Next Black, International Yoga Day (HK) (2017, 2018), and Learning & Teaching Expo-Hong Kong (2016). She also actively cooperates with mass media, family and care brands product, and animal friendly institutions. The programs and interviews which she participated in included: Asian TV "Our Class-Kids Yoga Program 2014; U Magazine "Ladies Love Yourself More with Gracefulness" 2017; Hong Kong Economic Times "The Integration of Yoga & Expressive Arts Towards Holistic Wellness" 2018; Hong Kong Business Daily "Yin Yoga & Yoga Massage" 2018, etc.

What was your inspiration to get into cooking, food and teaching how to cook?

I got to know my Japanese cooking teacher in my traveling to the Japanese Nature Art Festival. I took a class with my teacher and we became friends! A month later, my teacher had a special trip to Hong Kong just to visit my art and wellness center and provide more in depth training for me to certificate as a Japanese home-made style cooking teacher. I believe that everyone comes across with reasons. She is my inspiration and I would like to be the inspiration of others too.

What excites you the most about your work?

Designing bento box with seasonal theme and "play" with the colours. When I see the big smile of my students looking at their amazing work, I feel blessed and empowered too.

How do you select the menu for you classes?

Include different colors and fresh veg, ingredients are simple, inexpensive and feel like home.

What do you love the most about cooking?

To turn the ingredient into "edible" art pieces.