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20 years


After many experiences in the world of hotel marketing, Emanuele Faini decided to enter the world of pasta, so taking the family business started way back in 1980. In his laboratory only Italian quality flour, eggs, meat and vegetables of choice.

What was your inspiration to get into cooking, food and teaching how to cook?

I had my own "pastificio" in Rome for 4 years receiving very many rewards from Gambero Rosso guide and many others. In Italy "pastificio" it's a place where we make hand made pasta and we sell to the customers. Just from may i decided to start to give experience inside my pastificio, to those who want to learn how to make pasta. I've been inspired by the pasta my grandmother used to make in the kitchen when I was a child. It was a really magical pasta and when I tried to make it, I realized that I would have loved to teach how to make this special pasta. I realized this dream in my Pastificio and today I am proud to teach the old Italian method to make pasta for hundreds of people that want to learn how to eat healthy pasta according to the true Italian tradition thus transmitting all the love and passion of my family.