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Fernando Ayala

4 years


I have a degree in Sociology from the University of Guadalajara. A passionate reader of Mexican history, literature, and poetry. I have specialized in cultural studies and agave drinks with regional producers and experts for more than 3 years. As a local guide for 4 years, I love transmitting the culture, gastronomy and history of my country to someone who shows a genuine interest. The Pulques, Tequilas, and Mezcales of Jalisco are an ancestral pre-Hispanic tradition of western Mexico that is worth knowing.

What was your inspiration to get into cooking, food and teaching how to cook?

We are a group of people passionate about culture, history and regional gastronomy. We are interested in sharing with people genuinely interested the beauties that Mexico has to offer. Our vision is to consolidate a personalized, cultural and high quality service; focused on the interests of the traveler or anyone wishing to explore, enjoy and discover the attractions in the state of Jalisco, Guadalajara city and its surroundings.

What excites you the most about your work?

Sharing mexican culture, history and gastronomy with people

How do you select the menu for you classes?

What is on our menu is what local experts and producers recommended

What do you love the most about cooking?

Creativity, diversity and the pleasure of eating something made with your own hands