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10 years


When I lost weight due to depression, I became aware of that in order to live we have to eat. We EAT to create our BODY, SOUL, and LIFE. "WHAT we eat creates WHO we are". I quit my office job and enrolled in food business school to be a food workshop organizer at the age of 40.

What was your inspiration to get into cooking, food and teaching how to cook?

Having more than 10 years of experience coordinating seminars for women's sexual wellness  as a member of NPO which provides PLHIV with quality care and support, I came to realize that "food" and "sexuality" are directly connected to our wellness, however, especially in Japanese society, they are both tend to focus on someone other than ourselves, such as family and partners. I believe "food" and "sexuality" are primarily meant to be taking care of your own body and  loving yourself.  Loving yourself is essential to live a happy life, and food plays an  important role as well. For the Last 6 years I have been organizing "Food x Self-love" themed workshops for Japanese followers. It is time to spread my vision to the world. I always make sure my food workshops are lots of fun but also inspire changes in people's lives by being logical for easy application in different food cultures and life styles. Hoping my workshop to be a serendipitous moment in your life. My mission is to take a part in creating a colorful society where we can freely express who we are and love as we are. Happiness is always within you. Join imi's BENTO project!!