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Malika Zafar

10 years


My husband and I are passionate to cook together, it's pleasurable to serve people with good food and chat about the same in our house. I would not call us a perfect cook but we cook with love which makes each dish perfect. I wanted to combine my passion and love in an activity, and I created a few tours based on cooking classes and experience.

What was your inspiration to get into cooking, food and teaching how to cook?

Not everyone is lucky to understand their passion. It took me decades to understand that cooking is my first love. I started cooking snacks at the age of 12 years. I always liked to make something uncommon. How foolish it was that I always liked cooking but would never realize that it's my passion. I am supremely lucky to have a soul mate with the same passion for food. I would discover my love, dedication and supreme passion for cooking after meeting him in my early thirties. Cooking works as a true stress buster for both of us. No matter how tired or angry I feel but I am always ready to cook something new and exciting. I and my husband religiously believe that food cooked with love is the best food. I never bring my frustrations, irritations, anger or any negative thought in the kitchen. I can never contaminate my food with negativity. Every recipe should be loaded with three main ingredients love, passion, and dedication. Our love for cooking and inviting people for the meal, inspired us to start our own cooking classes. A house is gorgeous when you hear the tinkling sounds of utensils, smelling the aromas of fresh spices, whistling of a cooker, searing of a grilling pan, sizzling and frying sounds. I believe happiness goes to another level when you are cooking special food for friends and guests. I love inviting people in the house and prepare a multi-course menu, keeping their choice in mind. If you can't travel much, just keep meeting new people, it's like you are visiting a new place. We love meeting people from different cultures. Anything related to food is exciting. Tweaking the recipes can be magical. Even an empty fridge can not keep me away from whipping out a mean meal out of all the leftovers. I am a typical home cook who doesn't need measuring aids to prepare food. I am not a perfect cook but my love for food makes it delicious. It's truly soulful when you make delightful dishes, decorate to make them appealing and gorgeous for the eyes and feeding your loved ones. Conversations over a meal are most memorable. Our love to meet new people and cooking, inspired to start cooking classes. It is the best way to fulfill our passion.

What excites you the most about your work?

I have no words to describe the happiness I feel, while I teach new people in my kitchen. We feel a responsibility to deliver the best when people living thousands of miles away and raised in a different culture but they put their trust in your skill. Their expectation for a memorable experience boosts us to provide lifetime memories. My goal for each guest, to provide them the best possible experience in India. I truly understand how much effort, money, planning and precious time is required to travel a different country. It shouldn't get wasted. It's immensely satisfying when they learn the dishes of their choice and participate in the chores of cooking and learn small tips to improve and make easy dishes. Their candid smiles when they taste the food, give lots of inspiration and happiness. We love to spread our passion to other kitchens, We feel accomplished when our recipes are being cooked in other countries and served to love once. The best reward and approval for our dishes come along, deep down the praises and smiles of my guests. The whole process of cooking is a celebration for us. We believe in spreading the love with food.

How do you select the menu for you classes?

Food memories are the best memories, so the menu should be desirable for each guest. My selection of the menu is mainly based on popular home preparation. My menu is a combination of some easy and some complex recipes, but all are packed with Indian flavors. I would never suggest my guest to learn a recipe that is bit complex to try back home. Most of the delicacies on the menu can be cooked in an hour. I want to give them the flavors of home-cooked dishes and those are not available in restaurants. Some of the popular dishes are available at all Indian restaurants but you can easily try them at home. All my preparations can be easily tried back home by my guest with the help of written instructions. We are always available if our guest need our suggestion to select a menu.

What do you love the most about cooking?

Cooking taste full dishes is one of the best ways to bring a beautiful smile on your loved ones. I find cooking as a very relaxing task to be engaged in. Cooking keeps me calm, focused and spirited to collect the ingredients, preparing them and putting them together to make something delicious for family and guests. When I receive positive comments, it puts me in a relaxing mood with immense happiness.

Additional information

We prefer and suggest our guest build a conversation before the cooking class. Our class is completely customized, we are just an email or phone call away to discuss the dishes and your expectations from the class. Please let us know if you have anything on your mind about the cooking class, we would like to incorporate your ideas or suggestion to our class. Speak your mind and give us a chance to make it possible.